Are you ready to become a Booking actor?

The safe space and community you've been looking for. 

Have you ever...?

- Have you ever felt alone in your decision to pursue acting? ​
- Have you ever craved the support of a community that understands your problems and has similar goals to you? ​
- Are you a great performer but terrible at auditioning?
- Are you scared of auditioning because you don't even know where to start?
- ​Are you stuck studying something you don't enjoy but wanting to start your acting career?
​- Do you let your insecurities get in the way of your talent?
- ​Do you question if you are enough to pursue your dream to be an actor?
​- Are you lacking enthusiasm because your acting career is not where you want it to be?
- Are you looking to get into a college acting program and don't know what to expect?

​ If the answer to any of these questions is YES, I have something very special for you...



Booking your next audition just got easier,

 If you want to get into your dream acting school, become a booking actor or develop your craft this is the coaching program for you.

When you join The Actor's Vow Coaching program not only will you work with me, attend weekly classes and receive all the training you need to develop YOUR OWN set of tools that works for you.

You will also grain access to The Actor's Vow private FB community group. A place where you can network, meet like-minded actors, get help for your self-tapes, access monthly LIVE calls, participate in workshops, competitions and so much more. 

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Feel confident knowing that you have the tools to be the best actor YOU can be.

Be excited about auditioning knowing you are prepared for whatever comes your way.

Understand the inner workings of the industry: how to get an agent/manager, the secret to a great headshot, building your video reel etc.

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i know, I know...
 the life of an actor is

How do you find the way to be consistently good in your performaces and be able to gain the confidence you always wanted? ​

Auditioning feels scary. Audition anxiety is real...preparing the role, the audition room, slating... ​

All of that takes hours and so much technique...and you only have 24 hours?

Plus, every time you go into and audition you already know the answer:NO
It's frustrating, scary and tiring. 

the problem is... ​
 you don't have a great support system
 you need a more solid foundation for your craft
and you don't have access to the actionable steps you must take to leave a great impression in the audition room

What choices do you have?

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Burn yourself out, repeat the same pattern of rejection and work non-stop until you give up

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Take a template based crash course, without getting any personalized training and hope your career improves.

what if there was an all-inclusive, better way to
become the actor you've always wanted to be?

Get personalized coaching in a safe space, study from my ULTIMATE AUDITIONING COURSE, learn from other actors and network. 

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That's Right!

When you join the actor's vow coaching program
you will also receive access for free to my ultimate auditioning course
 ($427 value)

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what's in the course?


Understand the truth about auditions and why you’re failing

PART 2: Audition Preparation

Master the technique behind a great audition.

PART 1: in the audition room

Learn audition etiquette and what Casting Directors wish you knew

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plus extra bonuses!

- 2x week 60 Min Zoom Classes ($480 value)
- List of headshot photographers in LA & NYC ($27 value)
- Mission: Representation Course Bonus ($97 value)
- Film Acting 101 Course Bonus ($97 value)
- Access to contests for 60 Min Private Coaching ($200 value)
- Self-tape review by coach ($100 value)

YES, this is a total of 1298$

but you won't have to pay that

You won't even pay the $ 480 that 8 hours of professional acting coaching per month would cost

but before I tell you your special price let me ask you...

What if you were able to consistently book gigs, be confident in your skills and become a great actor?

what if you could finally stop dreaming about being on screen an actually be on it?

What if you could finally prove your family and friends wrong and make them proud?

Wouldn't that be worth $1298?

But no worries, as I said YOU WON'T be paying that. 

Because you being here shows courage and passion. Because I believe you can make it happen.

This is what you will be getting all this value for:

total value= $1298/month

the price= $119/month

CANCEL ANYTIME. 7 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEED.* *if you are not 100% satisfied with the program I will send your money back within the first 7 days of your purchase as long as you have joined the FB Private Group, The Kajabi Course Membership and at least 1 Zoom class.


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